Sunday, August 5, 2012

Wedding Painting!!

A linguistic concept painting based on the names of Bride and the groom......

Krishna & Archana (Written in Telugu as KRISHNAARCHANA )embellished  as the golden jewels of Lord Krishna & Radha...

Size: 3 X 2 feet
Medium : Acrylics on Canvas


  1. while I was searching for some paintings I found this masterpiece... Kudos to the painter..

  2. I am that lucky person to get this masterpiece. It is Gifted to me on my wedding day by my brother Rohan Kanhai. I was very happy when I first saw this Wonderful Painting. I was really very impressed by the way the telugu letters were engraved. Hats off to Ponmozhi for her creativity. It is the Best Gift for me in my Life. Thank You to my Brother and Ponmozhi..