Saturday, May 31, 2008


These flowers are made from cotton blouse bits!!!
The petals only make the original look of a rose flower ..........
let us see the making ..........
colored cotton cloth( of light shades such as pink ,yellow,orange) , scissors ,thread ,sticks or thin wire ,flower baskets or vase .
*cut the cloth into smaller square shaped pieces of varying sizes
* using a piece of cloth , tie around the stick or wire to make the central portion of the flower
*the petals should be made by folding the two diagonally opposite ends of the square cloth piece inwards up to the center
* after this join the other two ends to finish a petal structure
*with the same technique make many such petals
*arrange each of these in an adjacent fashion such that the floral pattern looks alike a rose
*cover the stem (stick) with green cello tape
*now make many such flowers and order them in a vase or basket and fill the rest of the space with artificial leaves..........

Friday, May 30, 2008


This I made using broken glass bangles………… can use crystals that are available at craft shops.


Broken glass bangles of different colors, glue , white base board.


*Break the glass bangles into tiny crystals using a stone or an iron rod .Be careful while doing this.

*choose the crystals of nearly same size ,do not use the powdered pieces, as that will spoil the neat look of our painting.

*draw the design pattern of flowers in the white base board (you can use the hard boards in the shirt boxes)

*stick the crystals of larger size in the central portions of the design and the smaller ones in the ends to fill the entire design perfectly.

*use contrasting colored crystals adjacently , for a brighter finish.

*leave the back ground plainly .

*you can also use a black chart for base .

*frame it and place it opposite to the light ……………………..see the shining beauty of your picture …………dazzling and blinking like stars.

I am tired of breaking the presented you with my art piece on progress!!!!

Thursday, May 29, 2008


The most famous kind of painting is this!!
Instead of using colors ,I made variety of my broken glass bangles here. With reverse glass effect ,and silver foil as the background ,this painting makes a shining effect.

The other one is painted by my friend Ramya. The tweety I like the most………..she gifted it for my birthday!!!! so cute as her!!!!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Today we got to know about an easy way of flower making. The corn feather is the outer sheath of the corn .You should preserve it by cleaning it with water and completely dry it with a cloth and keep under sunlight .Pour some salt in it and spread over , place inside a book to flatten it.


Corn feather , thread, cotton ,green cello tape ,sticks or thick metal wire,pencil.


*cut the preserved corn sheath in the shape of a rose petal , 10 such pieces are needed.

*to shape the end ,place a pencil below the petal and twist it along , when you bend it with hand ,it will tear.

*take a wire of about 10 cm ,bend its end like a hook and place some cotton over it and tie it with thread.

*place the petals one by one and tie each around the wire .

*stick the green cello tape around as to hide the threaded parts ,and tape the stem parts too.

*our corn flowers are ready……………………..

*If you like to color them, use acrylic colors.......

Monday, May 26, 2008


Some people say ,that crystal trees are a sign of health and wealth as they are the major part in “Reiki” and “fengshui “………I do not know how far it is true ,but just staring at it for a few minutes you will definitely rejuvenate ,as the colored crystals make a pleasant moment.


Crystal beads (available at fancy stores), silver colored beads ,silver colored strings ,a small plastic cup.


*cut the strings into small pieces of 12 cm.

*take 20 such pieces

*In each string, insert a long crystal and bead

*In the end use a silver bead and slightly twist the tip ,to avoid the bead coming out of the string.

*use different colored crystals in each string.

*when all these strings are done , hold all of them together and twist the lower ends many times

*fix the lower end to the plastic cup filled with liquid wax.

*hold it for few minutes ,till the wax solidifies and the tree is firmly fixed.

Is it working well and brings health ,wealth etc. ………….you should tell me…………!!!!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Hi friends!!!This is a new kind of making layered art .

The materials you need are:

Wheat dough , fevicol(or any other liquid adhesive) ,water ,acrylic colors , scissors ,cutter ,white chart paper, white board for base ,comb or fork (to make impressions).

coloured layers:

*pour 5 spoons of fevicol in a bowl ,add 3 spoons of water in it ,mix thoroughly .

*add wheat dough in small amounts to the bowl ,stir it well ,pour more wheat ,till you get a thick fluid texture.

*when the dough is added more than sufficient , put some more glue to it ,mix with some water to make the fluid.

*Separate the fluid into numerous parts and take them in a palate , add the different colors to each of it and mix well .

*Take the chart paper , place the colored fluid in it ,spread it evenly ,create the impressions in the layer using comb or fork ,or with the cap of a pen.

*in the similar way , make layers of all the colors you have.

*keep those charts under direct sunlight for ,until it dries and becomes much stiffer.
II-sticking the patterns in the board :

*draw the design of your wish in the white base board ,using a pencil ,do not darken the sketches as you need to erase it.

*using a cutter , cut respective colored chart of the needed design ,which you drew.

*for shaped edges use scissors for neat look.

*since the chart becomes hard you can groove it in the tips to get a 3-D effect.

*stick the designed layers ,using glue in the respective places ,erase the pencil sketch.

*you need not glue it fully, as you should show the tips and curvy edges ,as embossed.

*make it dry ,frame it ,your damn cool layered picture is ready.

Friday, May 16, 2008


Hi friends .............I am PONMOZHI ,an engineering student from Chennai .My hobby ,passion and everything is making paintings and any art & craft material from waste .
Yes these are my experiments!!! Come on art scientists , share with me , the new "inventions" (sometimes "Discoveries" that we have copyrighted from others !!!)
Welcoming you all to my world of art ..............hold my hands and travel along!!!
I know, you all surely support me..................ready ,start ,let us create !!!!!