Sunday, June 2, 2013

Mission 2-0-1-3 continued!

This multi-purpose jute holder is made for the person who is my visitor from the US!  And he has been a friend of mine for the past 2 years!!Guess what! He is my colleague ! He said he liked the Jute bags & holders in my blog and so these on-the-fly easy make Jute bags along with a Chalk carving 2013 got parceled to knock his door :)

Saturday, June 1, 2013

In the gifting spree "mission 2-0-1-3"

2 0 1 3 has some sweet charm to make me gift my friends.... :)
From my childhood I have a strange habit of loving to gift people with goodies crafted by myself!! Why I quote this as Strange is because - The moment I complete hand-making the gift, I grow a creator's affinity towards those cute little stuff and I tell my mother "Ma..Lemme have this with me..will make some other art for X's bday..(though always the birthday will be the very next day!!)"..sometimes amma lets it happen!!
Gone are those days!..where in now its always a happy feeling to bring a smile on thy friendly faces..So it is this year with such list up of sweeter moments & much more smiles!! The gifts adding the essence to it!!

How cute is a girl wanting paper flowers from me for the reason that her Mother-in-law loves them!! The pink tissue blossoms smiling underneath are what I gave her!! :) smiles all the way on her ever pretty face!

These flowers are so easy to make, but hard to take our eyes off them!!...With such a tough task my cousin who came to my home was looking at a set of red tissue flowers posing alike surreal  roses!! When given..she was already flying!!!
RED-ROSES are a fun for me..starting from its dual color name..(coz.we use to call pink as 'Rose' color ) so I use to confuse in my childhood between pink rose = rose colored rose (ie.) "rose rose" ;)....ha ha...........I hope there are people out there reading with such similar experience!! ..... Hi5 :)
The bright red ones  to my cousin :)

And more and more of the mission in my next post !!!