Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Peacock Hands!!

One of my favorite designs that I made recently! Here it goes!!

What it takes to finish a design is the celebration mood within you!! :)
The morning surprise- you await to see the result !! Had the color really come well??
Waking up with that shocking thought ;)
Looking at your own hands every time to boost up the colors within you!! Yes it works!! Magic within reach.. Isn't it?
These are conventional tattoo-methods I say!! :)

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Pepsi can candle lantern

 Easy to trash..and enjoyable to hit it on the roads with a jump & bounce!! These cool drink tins are always loaded with fun!..
So here is my 'Giving' a second life to the tin can! Can be themed for halloween season too!

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Kaju Katli !!

Landing right here with my lent camera.. thank you brother :) I am getting inspired by you & I guess you gonna rate my photographs, making it an easy learning curve!!
Made the kaju kathlis with tips and tricks that google gave me....Mom and me in the kitchen packed with lots of weapons arranged in front of us... Boof!! it started... Still cherishing the day!!

Started loving food photography!! Visually I am eating again & My stomach feels so good too!!

 Will post the Preparation procedure here very soon!!

The Cylindrical  and Diya shaped Katlis are around the corner.... Help yourselves ;)

Monday, December 10, 2012

Corn Spinach Au-Gratin!!

 Here comes the Foodie in me :)
My first trial being the cheesy Italian dish - Au gratin ...awww!!
And my dear-photographer-brother, who takes snaps for me & at times lending me his camera to make a naive kid shoot her petty stuff ..Oh man im starting to learn u know ;)!!
Special thanks to Nithi akka for her 4thsense cooking blog!! She is so sweet & so is her blog... One would not need food, while surfing her blog..Truly tongue tickling as her caption says :)

Travel with me as I have so much to post, pardon me for the "lazy me" part ;)

3D Rangoli

The picture says everything about the 3D view blah blah blah!!
In turn-I have got so much to say about the picture & the way we created it :)So much of colorful memories beneath.
All this is for our organization's cultural event IMela 2012, which plugs in the creativity & fun nerves to the maximum. Its time for the Left brains to work!! :)

"Burning the night oil" - It really worked well (started sketching at 3 am ...oof!!) and my junior Karthik who undoubtedly dedicated himself to bring such a 3D concept onto the floor- we previously had some measurements and view points calculations for sporting the idea... (Google is our teacher ;))

The awesome coloring part in which we brought up the life for the endangered animals.. I wish it happens in reality too...Dinosaurs be back :)

The theme for this year - Wild Life Conservation

Our Caption  "Change your Perspective" - We get that 3D perspective on changing our view in a different angle..Similarly, we as represented by the entire humanity, should change the thoughts we have.. We are threatening the wild life by deforestation and as a confession, we shelter them in sanctuaries and zoos....Let us not chase them for livelihood!!The cub gives a threatened look as feels insecure.. :( A gun points out from underground, which deals about poaching & hunting which are still in the cards and poses danger in the other way. Lets rethink & leave the animals peacefully in their home..

Couldn't afford to miss our colored hands at the end of the making!!

The 3D view here again :)

Left to right: Karthik, Vimal, Me, Keerthana with the Cat family :)

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Marvel Marbles-Readymade Rangoli!

Rocks !! On hearing this word I get a hard brute feel, as though I am carrying one over my head. But these tiny little versions of the rock - Be it a gravel stone, a pebble and the shinier twinkling 'The Marble stone'....Hahhh!! Now I get that feel, Silky lovely and purer like a Just hardened egg!!  aww drool .. (though it got nothing to do with eating..still drool!!) ;)
Okay.. I am surely beating around the marble bush (lol!! :P)..at last I get there, its time to color up the marbles and to celebrate a Holi for Hands :)

Acrylics, water gives you the blend and transparent textured look.. Store after it fully gets dried. It serves as an instant rangoli maker and most importantly you wont feel sorry when someone unknowingly slips & you have to repair it ....The hardest part of any rangoli is that final stage when the creator has to act as the destroyer at the end of the day :'(.. But these marbles are the reusable Building blocks I say ..no sin at the point of taking off the rangoli :)!!

Saturday, December 8, 2012

iMela'11 continued!!

Its been an year now.. and I just missed out the pics of last year...wanted to badly share those moments as this year's Imela 2012 pics knocked my door saying me "Gal U r too lazy in blogging.dont put us in the long queue" .... and thus the list bangs here!! starting from the BOLLYWOOD posters, the floor decoration with the Khans in flags(thoranam in Tamil) and the team with the Color blasting Rangoli...

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Pastels = Magic sticks!!

Paper : 240 gsm acid free water color paper
Size: A4
Hard Pastel sticks and Pastel pencils 

It got framed and proves to be a lovely gift, as the colors and the blend it brings so much of 'life' to the picture. I'm planning to make a self potrait that would serve as my offficial passport sized one. :)

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Wedding Painting!!

A linguistic concept painting based on the names of Bride and the groom......

Krishna & Archana (Written in Telugu as KRISHNAARCHANA )embellished  as the golden jewels of Lord Krishna & Radha...

Size: 3 X 2 feet
Medium : Acrylics on Canvas

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Pongalo pongal :)

Calendar 2012....till now its filled with fun, but Im angry on it for keeping all the so-called holidays on weekends!..grrrrr!
Yet with a wider smile, I applied for leave at my office to land up at our native....The chit chat with our family in the Train journey
The happy happy pongal Rangoli here...with the sun god's glaze upon it!

Mother India-Thru the lens!

Bringing a country and its culture to the outer world had been an aspect of Cinema.
To stress upon this fact, we had put our Rangoli that represented Mother India (the adoption/view of M F Hussain's painting of Mother India as a developed nation)
Slight add-ons to the painting to drive up to our theme of Imela!

The color merge was a fun to do, quick quick mix up with the 'Tea' filter.. there you end up in the crazy coloring...Amazed about the filter tool..Previously I thought it was bound to the Kitchens only!!