Friday, August 2, 2013

Heart of roses!!!

A satin rose packed heart made for my friend to gift her hubby!
It was full fun to make it :)
Coz.. its kind of rehearsal for me ;) LOL

The Process:
Make handful of satin roses
On a hartin shaped cardboard or thermocol base, stick the roses so close that the base is scarcely visible.Cover the cardboard edges with a piece of satin ribbon. Tie a knot through the hole made at the top to hang it. An awesome finishing touch would be to attach a photo of you both together, that's more than enough to say it out! <3 nbsp="">


  1. This is total awesomeness and brilliant.....

  2. semaya iruku wway to go ponz :)

    1. Cheers!!!! ... Ll make One for u soon! #(*-*)#

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