Wednesday, December 10, 2008


"success is not a destination , it is a journey

Today's  flower  may go bad too

As so is your success

Hence you go on for the next bloom "

"Reverse glass painting" made out of acrylic colors , the glass texture had rough impressions , that have reflected the glassy crystal look on the other side !!! finished up in 20 minutes


  1. Very beautiful! I've tried reverse glass painting with acrylic colors and they tend to not dry properly and are very sticky till framed. I also find it hard to apply the colors such that the brush streaks don't show on the other side.

    Would appreciate any tips on using acrylic colors! Thanks in advance :)

  2. hi friend.....thank u !!

    here are a few tips....
    1)do not mix more water to acrylic when you paint on glass
    2)Set your mind , such that where ever you need to show "bold lines",use the thick coating of color and dry for atleast 5 minutes......And for color merge ,you make it fast with the blend of another color within few seconds(as the color may not merge and even wiped off as soon as your brush is coated over it )
    3)to practice this , give a thick coat and try will get it in practice !!