Monday, January 5, 2009

HAIR CLIP.......

My recent work.........of a hair match my saree.......

I made this using the remains of the blouse piece

things needed:
cloth(silk or shining textured ones),clip metal base(use the broken or old clips for this) , zardosi,scissors , thin wire ,beads (to make pollens) , glue , m-seal if needed.

  • cut the zardosi into small pieces to make a petal shape
  • insert the thin wire into it
  • bend it and twist the end ,to the shape of a petal
  • paste it on the cloth
  • let it dry fully
  • cut that shape exactly out of the cloth
  • tie up all such (3-5) petals to make a flower
  • insert pollens in the middle with silvery beads on the ends of wire
  • fix it to the clip base firmly with wire
  • use m-seal to the bottom to fix it firmly............

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