Thursday, June 10, 2010

handmade blockprints

this is my new try in making printable stamp designs !!
I used the same "go - green" concept of using packing thermocol for every art i make now !!Using acrylic colors in these stamps we can make very beautiful designs within a minute....& also it is easy to draw similar pattern bases for embroidery...

my prints will be shown in the next post ....keep watching !!


  1. Hey again.. you can go for the event of this month.. checkout the link.. Did u do this for the event? or was it a coincidence.

    You simply rock lady.. very active with arts and crafts. :)

  2. hey da...... ll show you the art pieces i hav done so far.......u do choose one for me.....

    i did for that contest only da......... :D ll contend from ur side u hav to decide wat am i to send... okies?