Sunday, November 27, 2011

Cut Paste!!

The title seems like some software mantra!!..ah!!
Chart paper decorations is what i mean here...
I had loads of waste chart paper landed under my drawing table..which me & my sister used for her teacher training assignments....for her class room flash card session we cut those color charts into various shapes to write the questions that students need to answer........ her work is done... and waste management starts!!
Oh Im so tired.. let me get a nap!!

scissors, little pieces of charts and busy hands..that is all you need for this.......
These different shapes can be accomodated with waste thermocol balls too.....
Paste them on wrapped gifts..and can add a touchy line in the space......
I am yet to add a line for these cute couple...sshhh..they're busy..DND!!

the basket style......and few d next post!!bfn!!


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  2. excellent a erukku ..... keep it up