Tuesday, December 20, 2011

IMela !!

Lemme post the memories one by one............
this thermocol cut name is to InTrOdUcE my TEAM !!!!!

Hurray.... the BINDAAS BOLLYWOOD>>>>>> !!!! V Jus Don Care!! :P

much more to be posted....ll tell u in d next post!!

The fun & the days when ur cultural events come closer are awesome!! They get you back to the college days... so cool & funny....
All set in teams who have to compete..sometimes tat makes us wild & childish...just for the sake of winning!!grrrrrrr..........its game in the nerves nw!! hurray!!

As to my excitement, there was this Rangoli event..which tunes me crazy.. the colors of the powder..a solo HOLI time inside me!! :) :) The theme should be related to CINEMA. or the worst case BOLLYWOOD atleast....This is what we choose to draw...which is about few inches below in the post.. yet that Rangoli made sure.. it went even deeper into the hearts that watched it...

It was Ishaan... the one whose charecter that made us cry wid such a touchy acting..must be low to say 'acting' though...he lived up to it!!
And our theme was... "HOPE"(as represented wid a challenged person trying to climb up the hill) ... "Its not the laugh & claps that a movie gets, But its all about the hope that it brings within". As for a dyslexic child, it would give a courageous feel that he will, on one fine day, be able to achieve like a normal kid..could even be more than him!!

Without a team that we got... it would be really impossible to finish up the Rangoli..Night out...that worked well, and was a dream come true that day!! We too had a HOPE tat the facial expressions of Ishaan will be possible to bring out..yet its a lil tough!!

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