Monday, December 10, 2012

3D Rangoli

The picture says everything about the 3D view blah blah blah!!
In turn-I have got so much to say about the picture & the way we created it :)So much of colorful memories beneath.
All this is for our organization's cultural event IMela 2012, which plugs in the creativity & fun nerves to the maximum. Its time for the Left brains to work!! :)

"Burning the night oil" - It really worked well (started sketching at 3 am ...oof!!) and my junior Karthik who undoubtedly dedicated himself to bring such a 3D concept onto the floor- we previously had some measurements and view points calculations for sporting the idea... (Google is our teacher ;))

The awesome coloring part in which we brought up the life for the endangered animals.. I wish it happens in reality too...Dinosaurs be back :)

The theme for this year - Wild Life Conservation

Our Caption  "Change your Perspective" - We get that 3D perspective on changing our view in a different angle..Similarly, we as represented by the entire humanity, should change the thoughts we have.. We are threatening the wild life by deforestation and as a confession, we shelter them in sanctuaries and zoos....Let us not chase them for livelihood!!The cub gives a threatened look as feels insecure.. :( A gun points out from underground, which deals about poaching & hunting which are still in the cards and poses danger in the other way. Lets rethink & leave the animals peacefully in their home..

Couldn't afford to miss our colored hands at the end of the making!!

The 3D view here again :)

Left to right: Karthik, Vimal, Me, Keerthana with the Cat family :)