Sunday, December 9, 2012

Marvel Marbles-Readymade Rangoli!

Rocks !! On hearing this word I get a hard brute feel, as though I am carrying one over my head. But these tiny little versions of the rock - Be it a gravel stone, a pebble and the shinier twinkling 'The Marble stone'....Hahhh!! Now I get that feel, Silky lovely and purer like a Just hardened egg!!  aww drool .. (though it got nothing to do with eating..still drool!!) ;)
Okay.. I am surely beating around the marble bush (lol!! :P) last I get there, its time to color up the marbles and to celebrate a Holi for Hands :)

Acrylics, water gives you the blend and transparent textured look.. Store after it fully gets dried. It serves as an instant rangoli maker and most importantly you wont feel sorry when someone unknowingly slips & you have to repair it ....The hardest part of any rangoli is that final stage when the creator has to act as the destroyer at the end of the day :'(.. But these marbles are the reusable Building blocks I say sin at the point of taking off the rangoli :)!!

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