Thursday, June 5, 2008

JUTE - letter holder !!

Today is the world environment day , the day to rethink of the human made pollution , bomb blasts ,etc………..that have totally ruined the environment .We are in a responsible position to care of our mother earth.

A good start to this is by avoiding plastic bags wherever needed and to use paper or cloth bags . Here we are yet to learn about the jute bag(letter holder)…………..

Jute cloth(you can just use the gunny bags…..),woolen thread and needle(large size) , fabric colors ,brushes ,box board(or shirt boxes).

*cut the box board in a square shape
*take the jute cloth and cut it slightly lengthier than the box board in all sides
*place the cloth on the board and stitch it in the ends with the woolen thread tightly
*similarly take another rectangle whose length is equal to that square that we made
*in that piece ,stitch the cloth ,again cover the other side of the box with jute
*on the rectangle piece ,fix the square using cross stitch
*paint it with fabric colors ,leave it to dry for a day
*with a small piece of thread stitched to the rectangular piece ,hang your “environment friendly” letter holder bag.