Tuesday, June 3, 2008


Wondering about this new type of painting???????
It is similar to the reverse glass technique ,and not only that.............it comprises the live model making of butterflies ,dragon flies etc...

OHP sheets (or very thick transparent covers) , marker pen , acrylic colors , green straw ,thin wires .

* draw the design of an insect (dragon fly seen in picture or butterflies ,etc.. ) in the transparent sheet with a black marker pen (draw in the reverse side of the sheet)
*similarly draw a flower in the sheet
*paint the flower with bright acrylic colors , and also color the insect
*let them dry for few minutes
*now cut the designs from the sheet
*bend or groove the flower and insect so that it bears a real look (bend the wings of fly slightly)
*make two small holes near the head of the insect
*insert the wire through the first hole , take it above ,insert it again in the next ,bend the end of the wire ,so that it does not come out of the holes .
*bisect the tip of the straw upto 2 cm ,separate them outwards like leaves ,similarly cut slightly in the straw in some other places
*now insert the long end of the wire into the green straw
*attach the flower to the tip of the straw
*bring out the wire to the bottom of the straw
*now our live model is ready...................
*when you drag the wire up and down , the dragon fly will tap its wings and it will look as if it drinks the nectar from the flower.....................