Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Hi friends!!!This is a new kind of making layered art .

The materials you need are:

Wheat dough , fevicol(or any other liquid adhesive) ,water ,acrylic colors , scissors ,cutter ,white chart paper, white board for base ,comb or fork (to make impressions).

coloured layers:

*pour 5 spoons of fevicol in a bowl ,add 3 spoons of water in it ,mix thoroughly .

*add wheat dough in small amounts to the bowl ,stir it well ,pour more wheat ,till you get a thick fluid texture.

*when the dough is added more than sufficient , put some more glue to it ,mix with some water to make the fluid.

*Separate the fluid into numerous parts and take them in a palate , add the different colors to each of it and mix well .

*Take the chart paper , place the colored fluid in it ,spread it evenly ,create the impressions in the layer using comb or fork ,or with the cap of a pen.

*in the similar way , make layers of all the colors you have.

*keep those charts under direct sunlight for ,until it dries and becomes much stiffer.
II-sticking the patterns in the board :

*draw the design of your wish in the white base board ,using a pencil ,do not darken the sketches as you need to erase it.

*using a cutter , cut respective colored chart of the needed design ,which you drew.

*for shaped edges use scissors for neat look.

*since the chart becomes hard you can groove it in the tips to get a 3-D effect.

*stick the designed layers ,using glue in the respective places ,erase the pencil sketch.

*you need not glue it fully, as you should show the tips and curvy edges ,as embossed.

*make it dry ,frame it ,your damn cool layered picture is ready.