Monday, May 26, 2008


Some people say ,that crystal trees are a sign of health and wealth as they are the major part in “Reiki” and “fengshui “………I do not know how far it is true ,but just staring at it for a few minutes you will definitely rejuvenate ,as the colored crystals make a pleasant moment.


Crystal beads (available at fancy stores), silver colored beads ,silver colored strings ,a small plastic cup.


*cut the strings into small pieces of 12 cm.

*take 20 such pieces

*In each string, insert a long crystal and bead

*In the end use a silver bead and slightly twist the tip ,to avoid the bead coming out of the string.

*use different colored crystals in each string.

*when all these strings are done , hold all of them together and twist the lower ends many times

*fix the lower end to the plastic cup filled with liquid wax.

*hold it for few minutes ,till the wax solidifies and the tree is firmly fixed.

Is it working well and brings health ,wealth etc. ………….you should tell me…………!!!!

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