Friday, May 30, 2008


This I made using broken glass bangles………… can use crystals that are available at craft shops.


Broken glass bangles of different colors, glue , white base board.


*Break the glass bangles into tiny crystals using a stone or an iron rod .Be careful while doing this.

*choose the crystals of nearly same size ,do not use the powdered pieces, as that will spoil the neat look of our painting.

*draw the design pattern of flowers in the white base board (you can use the hard boards in the shirt boxes)

*stick the crystals of larger size in the central portions of the design and the smaller ones in the ends to fill the entire design perfectly.

*use contrasting colored crystals adjacently , for a brighter finish.

*leave the back ground plainly .

*you can also use a black chart for base .

*frame it and place it opposite to the light ……………………..see the shining beauty of your picture …………dazzling and blinking like stars.

I am tired of breaking the presented you with my art piece on progress!!!!

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