Saturday, May 31, 2008


These flowers are made from cotton blouse bits!!!
The petals only make the original look of a rose flower ..........
let us see the making ..........
colored cotton cloth( of light shades such as pink ,yellow,orange) , scissors ,thread ,sticks or thin wire ,flower baskets or vase .
*cut the cloth into smaller square shaped pieces of varying sizes
* using a piece of cloth , tie around the stick or wire to make the central portion of the flower
*the petals should be made by folding the two diagonally opposite ends of the square cloth piece inwards up to the center
* after this join the other two ends to finish a petal structure
*with the same technique make many such petals
*arrange each of these in an adjacent fashion such that the floral pattern looks alike a rose
*cover the stem (stick) with green cello tape
*now make many such flowers and order them in a vase or basket and fill the rest of the space with artificial leaves..........